CPS corporate bonds offer a high rate of return. CPS provides new and used vehicle financing to consumers with past credit problems. CPS is a national auto finance company providing vehicle funding programs to dealers across the country.

Looking for high yield corporate bonds from a profitable company that has been in business for over 25 years? Check out CPS corporate bonds:

Experience Counts

When you are investing in high yield corporate bonds, it makes sense to go with a company that has been through the ups and downs of economic cycles as we have. For you, the investor, it's a great combination -- high yield corporate bonds issued by an experienced company.

Major Industry, Profitable Company

CPS purchases auto loans in approximately 45 states each month. We have a wide national footprint for our business. Vehicle loans are a $145 billion annual business in the United States.

Interest Compounds Daily

Interest rates are fixed for the entire note term. You choose the interest payment schedule - monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, or at maturity.

Zero Fees

You never pay a commission or fee to purchase, renew or redeem a note. 100% of your investment earns interest.